Afghan Jazail

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A nicely decorated Afghani Musket or Jezail.  made using captured British arms. Circa 1820-1840


A Remarkable Massive Wood and Iron Clad Food Container from Nuristan. The massive turned wood vessel is heavily embellished with intricately tooled metalwork and has a attached spoon and tray. Festivals are an important part of village life and this style of container would be apart of a high status individual service. This would be a exciting and unusual addition to your home decor.

Nuristan is a remote, isolated province of Afghanistan on the Afghani Pakistan border. The Nuristani people are known for wood working and highly hierarchical society.
Embedded in Afghanistan’s eastern mountains, the region of Kafiristan (“Land of the Infidels”) was long an isolated society. Cut off from the world courtesy of their deep mountain gorges and fierce warriors, their local religion was supplanted by Islam at the end of the 19th century ( renamed ‘Nuristan’, or “Land of Light”), over a millennium after the neighbouring regions. Their unique style of woodcarving, a centuries-old, integral component of their culture, is in dire need of safeguarding lest it be lost forever.

Dimensions: 62”long
Condition: Very good, wear 
Age: 1820 - 1840