Magnificent Large Tulear Sutured Ammonite from Madagascar 10.5 inches!

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A magnificent Large Tulear Sutured ammonite from Madagascar that is 100-120 million years old! A rare and eyecatching specimen showing exceptional detail and unbelievable coloration of gold, yellow and umber. These unusual hues are a result of the sediments in which this creature became fossilized, these color patterns are exceptional uncommon, maybe just one in 1000 excavated ammonites have them! In addition to the striking color pattern this ammonite is of a impressive size, weighing in at over 5 kg and over 10 inches in length.
Ammonites (Ammonoidea) are prehistoric animals that first appeared about 240 million years ago! (WOW) They descended from another cephalopod called a Bacrite that date back about 415 million years ago. Ammonites are the most common and abundant fossils found today. Typical of cephalopods, ammonites were predatory, carnivorous creatures, with beaks inside their ring of tentacles, like squids. They were prolific breeders, lived in schools, and swam through shallow, warm waters by squirting jets of water through their bodies. They did this by siphoning air and pumping it back out through a "siphuncle" which reached into the interior chambers of their shell. They unfortunately went extinct with the dinosaurs (65 million years ago).

Size: 10.5 inches x 8.5 inches