Five of my finest mugs

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this set of mugware is fresh from the kilns at the Carbondale Clay Center. 
each mug is unique but made simultaneously. 
with the idea of a good cup of coffee firmly in mind - i  made these pot on the hump - thinking through ideas and letting the process reveal it self. 
a satin salt glaze highlights edges and plays with light. the iron saturate is Angus’ Red & is unfailingly surprising. 
dark stoneware; thrown & turned. 
🌋10 reduction 

offered as a group this set is an excellent value. inquire for details

more pictures to come. 

thanks for looking through my collection of wheel thrown pottery. all pots made in carbondale Colorado with Love & intention.  my hope is that you find something you would like to live with and put into service for many years. 
steven colby