Dogon Granary Door , Mali

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Dogon Granary Door. 

Carved Wood. 

Mali, West Africa. 

20th Century. 


Very Good Condition. 

The Dogon live in the elevated rocky heights of Mali's Bandiagara Escarpment. They rely on agriculture and manage to wrest subsistence crops from poor soil in an area that receives little rain.

Doors like these protected the window-like opening into each family's grain storage building, and used a simple sliding door lock. Primordial beings, ancestors, Kanaga masks, sun lizards and scenes of life symbolically served to protect the entrance by making it sacrosanct.

The Dogon grow millet and sorghum, which is consumed locally. Like so many agricultural people of Africa, the land and its bounty plays an important part in the religious views of the Dogon. The Lebe cult is primarily concerned with agricultural renewal, and altars devoted to it have bits of earth incorporated into them to encourage the continued fertility of the land. The most important agricultural rite is the bulu, which immediately precedes the first rains and planting. 

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