Extra Large Lingam Tibetan Singing Bowl

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An Extra Large Lingam style bowl, estimated at 50yrs or more. A masterfully crafted bowl in a very unusual size. A truly wonderful bowl for your collection! One of the rarest of all the Tibetan/Himalayan type singing bowls, this type has a conical protrusion coming out of the center of the bowl's interior basin. The term "Lingam" comes from the Sanskrit terms for “phallus”. The Lingam has been worshipped by Shaivite Hindus as the formless aspect of God for millennia. In the Buddhist, Bon, Hindu, and Jain traditions this protrusion and accompanying multiple ring lines is also symbolic of Mt. Kailash and the practice of circumambulating this most sacred mountain in western Tibet.

Dimensions: 12d x 5h Weight: 3198g Tones: Struck F4# Played: Multiharmonic

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