Vintage Ashanti Mask, Ghana.

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Fine Ashanti Baluba mask, Ghana.
Carved Wood with glass beads, cowrie shell and mosaic.
Circa 1980

11 x 15 x 3”


Carved out of dark wood, this mask is a large circular shape, with cut out eyes and guppy shaped mouth. The mask is decorated with inlaid pieces of copper, cowrie shells and small beads.

The Ashanti people of Ghana, West Africa, wear this mask to worship the moon because of the control it has over the tides of the ocean and the tides of their lives.

The Baluba people also known as the Luba are a cluster of powerful ancient grassland and forest-dwelling hunters, kingdom-builders, highly spiritual, agriculturalist Bantu-speaking peoples of Central Africa, and the largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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