Vintage Lega Mask, Zaire - African Mask,

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Vintage Bearded Headdress from Lega people.
The Lega people use this mask to ward off evil by either wearing the mask or hanging it from compound fences.

The 100,000 to 250,000 Lega people reside in the virgin forest of southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Lega do not possess a centralized political organization, and both men and women aspire to moral authority by gaining high rank in the bwami association. They live in the autonomous villages collectively situated at the summit of a hill surrounded by a palisade. They practice a mixed economy involving agriculture, hunting and fishing. Division of labor is gender based and akin to the economic patterns of other tribes living in the forest environment: men hunt and clear new land and women cultivate manioc and other crops. The function of the bwami is to regulate the social, religious, and political life of the Lega. It is conveying ethical principles and establishing social norms from the Lega people, Congo.

In excellent condition! Dimensions: 15"x9"x3"

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