Extra Large Michael Wisner Art Ceramic 14x12 inches Signed 2006

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A Extra Large Signed Michael Wisner Art Pot, 2006, 12 inches high by 14 inches wide. Condition: Immaculate Artist Biography: Michael Wisner Inspired by ancient Anasazi and Mimbres potsherds, Michael Wisner began making southwestern pottery nearly 20 years ago. He digs local clays from the ground near his studio in Woody Creek, Colorado. The clay is filtered to remove rocks and debris and then hand coiled to form each piece. Over the past 16 years Wisner has studied extensively with Potters of the American Indian Pueblos and Mata Ortiz, Mexico. In 1989 he began an apprenticeship with Juan Quezada. His work is now uniquely his own, but the influence of this master ceramist remains deeply within his work.